Fall Cleaning

Saturday, 17 September 2022

        Technically, autumn doesn't start until September 21st. However, I've already had a "summer cleaning" and it's only four days away from autumn, so I'll excuse myself. I've been busy attending university and trying to learn better web development practices on the side. When I first started, I was mostly reading about how other web developers would design their website and their coding styles. This helped to an extent, but I was soon just employing other people's code to build my website. This is not a bad thing, but it certainly wasn't progressive. So, I went back to the whiteboard and began learning about just what exactly I was tapeing together.

        Now the website should be better. It still has some quirks with supporting mobile devices, but generally, it's functional. You, the visitor, likely won't notice any big differences in the experience, but I can assure you that the code was cleaned up be more efficent (to the extent of my current knowledge). You might notice the new animated background and home button, though. Yes, I was able to find a fitting background with the neubrutalist sea theme I have going on. I got the code¹ and reviewed it from one of the many places all over the web. It's pretty easy to find places with just CSS animation snippits, so that wasn't a hassle. Understanding the code, however, was a hassle.

        Either way, the website was refreshed and I don't have much else to say right now.

¹ Origin of the wave animation in the background:
  CSS Wave Animation