New Website Design!

Wednesday, 6 July 2022

        So, it's been a while, for me at least. I've spent a lot of time researching a lot of topics like text editors, design layout, and design styles. So much so that started to get a bit stressful even, as I was trying to establish a firm foundation for how I wanted things to be structured. When I made the first layout for this website, it would be better to just say that was a sketch. I mean this layout, design, whatever, is a sketch as well, but it's closer to a draft.

        When I worked on the first layout, I was actually pretty sick. I was stuck in bed and had a hard time thinking with my disease-ridden mind. It's strange how much your brain power goes down when you're sick. When you go through any disease, this fatigued state feels normal, and yet you've just lost significant amount of thinking power that could have been put to work. At the same time, I hate being sick. I actually pile on stress when I can't work on anything.

        Anyway, while working on this layout iteration, my sibling told me about the design style known as Neobrutalism ¹. It's this design style that focuses on high contrast and vibrant, solid colors. It feels rather corporate. I was opposed to it at first, but later decided to work with this style for this website. It gave me some structure. I was pretty lost when creating my previous layout without a particular philosophy in mind. However, I still hope to one day move on to my own design philosophy.

        I had also switched my development environment. I used to use three different softwares to make my website: Notepad++ ², WinSCP ³, and Firefox . Now, I've cut down to just two: Adobe Dreamweaver CC , and Firefox Developer Edition . I completely understand that I've basically fallen from grace in this switch, but I've made these choices based on two different factors. First, I get the Adobe products for free (legally too!). My sibling attends a school where they provide the software upon attendence to their digital media class, so I just bum off my sibling's account. Second, I really hated my development environment. I had been looking into a solution for ages. I looked at Emacs , Spacemacs , Vim , and Neovim ¹⁰. All beloved text editors in the computer science community ¹¹. I tried them, but as I keep having to remind myself, I am not a computer scientist. I am just a tech enthusist. So, I then tried Brackets¹², a weird, depreciated Adobe text editor that still has a fanbase in the open-source community. At first, I thought I found my replacement, and then, I realized that it was once again another dead end. Brackets relies on Google Chrome ¹³ to present a real-time, live preview of your work. This killed the deal as I want to use less and less of Google's products. Next, I used Sublime Text ¹⁴. It felt good, and peaked my interest in Rust ¹⁵ development, but still didn't click. The focus is on web development after all. Then came Adobe Dreamweaver CC. I should mention that Adobe's UI design has always clicked with me. They have done a wonderful job creating a design language that I can comprehend throughout their entire product line. Meanwhile, they achieve this by also stiffling creativity to the masses with their steep monthly charges for a cloud based version that no one really needs. This has made me thinking about tracking down a Creative Suite¹⁶ version, as my sibling will only be in school for so long. But, for the meantime, I am set.

        I write all of this to say that I hope to build on from this foundation. My website is not the shining city upon a hill¹⁷ yet, but I hope to one day achieve such a loosely-defined goal. I tend drag myself through the mud trying to make any progress while working on any project. As well as, worry so much about the outcome that I run out of time to even meet personal deadlines. Mais, c'est ma vie.

¹ A bulk of my understanding comes from here: Neubrutalism is Taking Over the Web

² Really fantastic software that any Windows user should use: Notepad++

³ Only recently started using as a replacement to FileZilla: WinSCP

Decent browser that's not built on Chromium: Firefox

Join the dark side I suppose: Adobe Dreamweaver CC

The elite version of Firefox: Firefox Developer Edition

Apparently super powerful if you can wrap your head around it: GNU Emacs

Looks cool, but made my brain hurt: Spacemacs

The fabled original text-editor: Vim

¹⁰ Appears to be a rewrite of the original Vim with a few changes: Neovim

¹¹ What I mean about a community of Computer Science Majors (and others): Hacker News

¹² An odd, little editor with some history: Brackets

¹³ The undefeated champion and terrifying monopoly: Google Chrome

¹⁴ Looks neat, but lacked interest in further pursuing: Sublime Text

¹⁵ Interesting programing language that looks cool from an outside's perspective: Rust Programing Language

¹⁶ The timeline we could've had it been without the sin of greed: Adobe Creative Suite (Wikipedia)

¹⁷ Explaination for the awkward reference I made: City Upon a Hill (Wikipedia)